IMAGINE a World Measured by Well-Being Versus Wealth


Our Workshops:

Our “Imagine” Workshops. We’ve done over a dozen interactive workshops around the world spreading awareness about Happiness Economics, Personal Data, and Quantified Self to show how we can live our lives based on a wider portrait of wellbeing than simply fiscal wealth. After speakers present on these topics, guests break up into small groups to create ideas for marketing campaigns that can increase citizen happiness without needing money. Click here to see videos of ideas from people in our Workshops from multiple cities in the U.S. and around the world.

Workshop Idea from Oslo

Workshop Idea from Bogota

Workshop Idea from San Francisco

Our “Happy City” Workshops. Based on the success of our “Imagine” Workshops, we’ve created a Workshop geared towards urban design, where speakers from a City including government employees and non-profits describe resources available to citizen guests. Then attendees break into groups to come up with marketing campaigns designed to increase citizen wellbeing that can actually be implemented by the City. Click here to see our first City Workshop from Reading, PA, featuring videos and ideas from dozens of local citizens and City Representatives or click on images below.

Reading, PA Mayor Vaughn Spencer

Workshop attendees and their, “Growtopia” Idea

Our “Happy Office” Workshops. Based on the success of our “Imagine” Workshops, we’ve created a Workshop geared towards increasing the wellbeing of employees. Featuring expert talks on the subjects of quantified self, positive psychology, and Happiness Economics, attendees learn the pragmatic ROI of increased wellbeing in the workplace before breaking into groups to create ideas for their own happier organization. Click here to see an example of our “Gratitude Mirror” exercise as demonstrated by our Founder, John C. Havens during a global Cisco meeting in Milan (begins at 9:30).

Want to Host Your Own?

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We have created a simple format for an event you can host at your organization, school, or home. Email so we can register you as an official H(app)athon Workshop and download our toolkit to get started. You can also watch videos from other Workshops for inspiration and instruction.

How the Workshop Works:

  1. Speakers teach attendees about about the trends shaping the H(app)athon Project – Quantified Self, Big Data, and Happiness Indicators. Don’t have any speakers? No worries – watch our Videos as preparation for the workshop portion of the event.
  2. Attendees split into groups and brainstorm how they can help the fictional country of Eudaimonia create an App or Awareness Campaign to help citizens attain balanced well-being based on metrics from a Happiness Indicator like Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness.
  3. Each group writes down their ideas and elects a representative to present to everyone at the Workshop. Attendee ideas are videotaped and placed on the H(app)athon Website for the real world to see how we can make what we IMAGINE regarding holistic value into a REALITY.