We’re Building our App and moving forward!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted.  Thanks for your patience!  We’ve been focusing our efforts on doing workshops as well as research into how to best build our App. 

Along those lines, any programmer or hacker types – we’d welcome your help!  Here are two opportunities:

An in-person hackathon is happening this weekend in the Boston area if you’re free to attend.  Obviously extremely late notice but we were finalizing details down to the wire.

A virtual brainstorm session will be happening this coming Wednesday evening, November 20th, from 5PM-10:30PM Eastern. Please check out the schedule as we have five subjects we’re covering in 5 hours, so one of those may be more relevant for you than others.  Come to one, or many – you’re invited!Here are some recent updates:

We’ve done more H(app)athon Workshops!  We did a Workshop in Dubai and our second Happathon in Indianapolis in the past few months. 

John (our founder) go to speak at his first TEDx
and spoke about H(app)athon

John finished his book
, Hacking Happiness – Why Your Personal Data Counts and How Tracking it Can Change the World which work done for The H(app)athon Project.

More info soon as we work to ramp up to our Pilot in Somerville, MA.  Happy Holidays and thank you!