Wellbeing in the Workplace – Announcing H(app)athon’s Corporate Workshops


Announcing the Wellbeing in the Workplace H(app)athon Corporate Workshop!

Click here to download/view the PDF/Presentation for the Workshop.

Since the H(app)athon Project launched in March of 2013, we’ve produced over 14 workshops around the world.  We created a framework that helps people imagine a country (world) where multiple metrics measure a person’s wellbeing beyond wealth, and then let them brainstorm ideas about how to build apps or marketing campaigns that would help create these new realities. 

The results have been really amazing, from app ideas in Indianapolis, to pictures drawn by kids in a Bhutan classroom, envisioning ways that people can measure and prove their worth in ways that increase other people’s wellbeing versus just their own.  What’s also really exciting is how little we had to do to get these great workshops/ideas flowing – we just created the initial tools and framework and got out of the way.

We’ve been getting a lot of interest in adapting our public Workshop model for corporate audiences, so we’ve created a PDF/presentation that outlines what these are.  Called, Wellbeing in the Workplace, this PDF will show you how we’ve converted these ideas from our public workshops into methodologies we hope will help increase people’s wellbeing at work.  Our goal is to have revenue that would come from these Workshops help grow and sustain our work, including funding our App which we’re still trying to get built.

We welcome any feedback you may have, and certainly welcome your passing on this PDF to colleagues at your office who you think might want to sponsor a corporate Workshop as well. 

Onwards and upwards!

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