Our Second Indy Happathon!

HUGE thanks to H(app)athon Committee Member Jason Williams for arranging, Samantha Julka for hosting us at the awesome DORIS lab, and April Doner of Aprilart Studios for taking pictures again at our event as she did for Workshop Number 1.  (Samantha is in the foreground of April’s picture below, with Jason in the background).  


I was able to host this time, and thanks to Jason, also got to speak at my first TEDx event which was amazing.  Indy pulled out all the stops, and had over 1,300 people attend their second annual TEDx Indianapolis event.  I was honored to speak about Hacking Happiness and spread the word about H(app)athon’s work.

Below are the videos from the workshop, along with a few of April’s pictures.   Thanks again to all who attended and helped set this up!

Video One:

Video Two:

Video Three:


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