What is the Measure of Your Life?

The Happathon Project

What is the measure of your life?

What if there was a way to actually measure your well-being; a way to analyze trends in your behaviors and emotions and actually convey what makes you happy? While it may seem like a loaded question, it’s one that may not be too out of reach in the near future.

By utilizing emerging technology and scientific happiness indicators, the H(app)athon Project wants to “hack happiness,” and shift the world’s view of value. The Project seeks to empower individuals, businesses, and governmental organizations to imagine, define and build a more holistic view of well-being.

H(app)athon was founded by John C. Havens. John recently penned “The Value Of A Happiness Economy,” arguing that happiness is much more linked to helping others than it is to annual income. The article compares the trends of Quantified Self, Big Data, and Happiness Indicators and suggests the potential solution of a global hackathon for happiness to create a new view of value beyond the GDP.

By creating a survey to help define a globally-crowdsourced measure of well-being, anyone can discover their Personal Happiness Indicator Score (PHI) to define and optimize their well-being. The survey is distinctly designed to help reveal what makes you happy – the things you do and say focused on issues like well-being, meaning, purpose, and action.  

Havens has assembled an advisory committee to guide the project. It includes over thirty representatives from organizations including The United Nations, World Economic Forum, MIT, salesforce.com, Microsoft, the University of Cambridge, The World Well-Being Project, The Happiness Initiative, HAPPY the Movie, The Happy Post Project, Hub Culture, ilumivu, and over a dozen emerging media experts in the fields of quantified self, data science, and mobile technology. You can see a full description of the Project Goals guided by the Committee here.

By analyzing user responses with big data technology, H(app)athon will create a “global mood ring” – a realtime analysis of happiness around the world. The ultimate goal is to “help policy makers or anyone else see why the holistic measure of well-being could help guide their decisions with greater context than the GDP.”

The first phase of the H(app)athon Project’s work will culminate in a large-scale conference on March 20, 2014 with the release of the H(app)athon App where videos and survey results from the duration of the Project will be shared, along with multiple talks and panels from involved parties.