H(app)athon Project Update

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Happy Fall!

First off, I’ll apologize for not blogging, tweeting, and posting to Facebook more regularly.  I have no excuse except I’m focusing on paying bills, being a Dad, and working on my new book.  However, this does NOT mean that H(app)athon isn’t moving forward in a lot of exciting ways.  So thank you for your interest, as always, and hope you had a great summer.

Social Good Summit Miami

My good friend Michelle Dow of Social Swag Co in Miami has asked me to come and speak at the Social Good Summit in Miami in mid-September, where I’ll also be running a H(app)athon Workshop.  Very excited, and apparently I get to speak after the Mayor opens the event.  No pressure.  The focus of the event is on how Miami can Engage more with each other and the world at large.  I think this is an awesome theme, and I’ll be focusing on how engagement connects to wellbeing, both on an individual basis and with others. 

VolunteerMatch Client Summit Detroit


VolunteerMatch is a partner of The H(app)athon Project, and I’m excited to be speaking at their Client Summit this September.  You can check out the presentation I created on slideshare, The Science of Happiness – Wellbeing for Employees (note – it has some videos in it that don’t play in the Slideshare format).  I’ll be delivering my talk three times to a number of VolunteerMatch clients, which is great exposure for H(app)athon and our workshops.  I’m talking about how quantified self tools and other emerging technology combined with positive psychology methodologies are showing marked ROI for organizations around the world.  Exciting and fun stuff.

Foresight & Trends Conference Beverly Hills


I’ve been asked to lead a H(app)athon Workshop for the Foresight & Trends Conference taking place this November in Beverly Hills.  FT is a conference put on by IIR, and the theme for this event has to do with wellbeing which is perfect for us.  Here’s a quick description of the event from their site:

Foresight & Trends facilitates the interconnectivity of innovators, it provides context not just content and demonstrates the interpretation of future shifts into commercial success. It is no longer about the what but about the HOW- If you are charged with identifying and capturing future opportunities FT’14 will provide you with the skills, tools, inspiration, information and network that you need to ensure growth and continued success.

I’m excited to be joined at the event by Karen Warner, CEO of the Tangible Group, who H(app)athon has partnered with to help develop our corporate workshops.  This event will provide us with a great opportunity to try our new Workshop out with a number of great brands and other organizations and thought leaders in attendance. 

Other News

Beyond all this great stuff, we’re in talks with a few major organizations we can’t name as of yet who may want to bring our corporate Workshops to their employees.  One is in the U.S, the other is in India, which is REALLY cool.  Never been, love the food, would love to go.
I’m currently working on my second book for Tarcher/Penguin, called Happinomics.  Still finalizing the subtitle, but the focus is on Values, and I’ll be featuring results from our recent values survey.  Excited about a lot of the interviews I’ve done, which range on topics from Artificial Intelligence to the Genuine Progress Indicator to Quantified Self apps to wellbeing.  Let me know if you have anyone you think I should interview.

My book, Hacking H(app)iness is doing quite well, and was featured on NPR, C-SPAN and in US News & World Report.  Pretty cool!

I’ve been doing a lot of writing on my LinkedIn blog, mainly on personal data control/privacy issues.  However, one of my posts on Artificial Intelligence is up to over 14,000 views.  Go figure.  AI is growing exponentially and will greatly affect our wellbeing in the near future which is why I’ve been focusing on it for a few years now.  Here’s a Mashable piece I wrote a while back that got me started down the AI/happiness road.

Along with my H(app)athon oriented speaking, I’ve been speaking a lot based on the work of my kind and awesome Speaker’s Bureau.  I went to Banff in Canada a few weeks ago to speak to Hotel Executives, go to New Orleans in a few weeks to speak to Travel Executives, and was in Atlantic City not too long ago speaking to over 800 accountants.  There’s at least six jokes in there – I’ll let you make them for yourself.

I’m doing a lot of consulting these days and welcome any referrals you may have.  I’m excited/blessed to be working with some AWESOME companies that fit my philosophy of wellbeing or personal data, including one called Datacoup I recommend you check out.  They let people sell their personal data for money, but more importantly to learn why their data is so precious.  They just launched this week, and had a great piece in The Guardian about their company.  I helped them create a video thought leader series called PD16, which stands for, “Your Personal Data in the year 2016.”  Features great people from organizations like HP, Coke, and The World Economic Forum.

Thank You!

If you’re reading this, you still care in some way about The H(app)athon Project which means a HUGE deal to me and the people working so hard to make this work.  We’re still trying to get our App going, but the funding to make it happen has been very difficult to secure.  So I’m excited and feel blessed that the talks and Workshops are going so well, and we’ll keep trying to make the App happen.  We’re also excited that our survey was a success, inasmuch as the majority of people who took it increased their wellbeing.  Special thanks to the awesome Peggy Kern who helped create that survey with me.  Peggy recently got a new job in Australia so hopefully we’ll be doing some workshops there soon.  Congrats, Peggy!

Thank you for your interest and your support.  As always, please feel free to email me (john AT happathon DOT com) with any ideas you may have to help what we’re doing, or if you just want to say hello. 

Warm and h(app)y regards,
John C. Havens, Founder