Cause I’m your Tamagotchi

image (1) In the 90´s I had a Tamagotchi, which as you may recall was an electronic pet. I named it Roger. The main purpose was to keep the “pet” happy and alive. I had to feed him, pet him and take him for walks. Roger survived for 4 days.  

It has been 15 years since Roger died. In these years, technology has made a quantum leap, and after the smartphone was released, the development of different “apps” has changed how we live our life.

The apps help us navigate, buy bus tickets, locate the closest hairdresser and even buy coffee. It has become a trend or almost the norm to express one’s quantified self through the social platforms and media these apps present us with. We share how fast we run, our heartbeat, oxygen saturation, mood level and migraine diary.

It is called self-logging or self-tracking, and the purpose is to make our daily life easier, to record our activities and share those activities with other people.

This new trend shows how popular it is to share different aspects of our selves and our well being and the feedback is immediate.

One the goals of the H(app)athon project is to collect data from all corners of the world and to create an app that can help us measure our happiness. The application will also give us intelligent feedback to further optimize people’s consciousness regarding happiness and personal behavior. The H(app)athon project will in this way seek to map out what makes us happy.

The H(app)athon-app is the new generations Tamagotchi.

But in opposition to the needy electronic pet, the app is taking care of you. This app knows what makes you happy, it gives you advice on activities that will increase your vigor and stamina, and tell you what environment would suit you. This new technology has created a platform for you, based on an algorithm constructed of your personal data.

So instead of a noisy Tamagotchi who screams for food, I would rather receive a text on my phone with the message: “I know green spots makes you happy, there is a park located 300 feet from your current position.”   

The Tamagotchi is replaced with my personal happiness app. Now the new “Roger” can take care of me. And I’m pretty sure I will survive more than 4 days!


About the author:

imageJulie Ihlen Kildahl is a Business anthropologist from Norway. She is a process leader and facilitator in Brainwells, a consultant company who helps companies creating a living strategy and a vision, through an involving process. Our vision is to “change the corporate world” and we believe working should be fun!


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