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“More than at any time in human history, we have access to mountains of data about ourselves.  Hacking H(app)iness is the first book to show us how to leverage this information as a path to happiness, rather than a source of misery.”
-Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take

Written by The H(app)athon Project’s Founder, John C. Havens,  Hacking H(app)iness has a simple message: If you want your life to count, you have to take a count of your life.  By examining your actions utilizing emerging technology to live an examined life, you can identify where you can optimize your wellbeing and increase your happiness.  An issues book highlighting the benefits of an examined life in the digital world, this timely work takes the trepidation out of the technological renaissance and illustrates how the fruits of the Information Age can improve our lives for a happier humanity.

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Hacking Happiness is available now and will be published by Tarcher/Penguin Books (an imprint of Penguin Random House) on March 20, 2014.   For updates on the book please sign up for our Newsletter.

“In the 20th century, we made great progress in terms of our material wealth, but we’re not really any happier. In this insightful book, John Havens shows us how the new century will bring us opportunities to improve our general well being. Rather than keeping up with the Joneses, he explains how we can use technology to actually improve our lives. It is a truly remarkable work.”
 -Greg Satell, contributing writer for Forbes

John C. Havens Bio

John C. Havens is a contributing writer for Mashable, The Guardian, and The Huffington Post.  He is the Founder of The H(app)athon Project, a non-profit organization, “Connecting Happiness to Action one phone, one heart, and one city at a time” through the use of interactive, sensor-based smartphone surveys.  A former EVP for a top ten global PR firm, he has counseled clients like Gillette, HP and P&G on emerging and social media issues, and has been quoted by USA Today, Fast Company, BBC News, Mashable, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Forbes, INC, PR Week, and Advertising Age on issues relating to technology, business, and well being.  Havens was also a professional actor in New York City for over 15 years, appearing in principal roles on Broadway, television, and film.