Connecting Happiness to Action. 


The Vision of The H(app)athon Project is Connecting Happiness to Action.  We do this via our Workshops and Survey (soon to be an App), which are designed to help people take a measure of their lives based on worth versus wealth.  We mean this literally.  By identifying how our actions affect our wellbeing, we can track what behaviors increase our happiness.  In other words – if you want your life to count, you need to take a count of your life.

We have two main components to our Work:
Our Survey (Soon to be an App). We’ve designed a survey to help users track their values as a way to increase their wellbeing. Research shows that when your values are blocked, your happiness decreases. We want to help you discover where you may not be living to your values to gain insights on how to change behaviors that are inhibiting your happiness. Learn more about our App here.
H(app)athon Workshop in Action

Our Workshops:

Our “Imagine” Workshops.
We’ve done over a dozen interactive workshops around the world spreading awareness about Happiness Economics, Personal Data, and Quantified Self to show how we can live our lives based on a wider portrait of wellbeing than simply fiscal wealth. After speakers present on these topics, guests break up into small groups to create ideas for marketing campaigns that can increase citizen happiness without needing money. Click here to see videos of ideas from people in our Workshops from multiple cities in the U.S. and around the world. 

Workshop Idea from Oslo

Workshop Idea from Bogota

Workshop Idea from San Francisco

Our “Happy City” Workshops. Based on the success of our “Imagine” Workshops, we’ve created a Workshop geared towards urban design, where speakers from a City including government employees and non-profits describe resources available to citizen guests. Then attendees break into groups to come up with marketing campaigns designed to increase citizen wellbeing that can actually be implemented by the City. Click here to see our first City Workshop from Reading, PA, featuring videos and ideas from dozens of local citizens and City Representatives or click on images below.

Reading, PA Mayor Vaughn Spencer

Workshop attendees and their, “Growtopia” Idea

Our “Happy Office” Workshops. Based on the success of our “Imagine” Workshops, we’ve created a Workshop geared towards increasing the wellbeing of employees. Featuring expert talks on the subjects of quantified self, positive psychology, and Happiness Economics, attendees learn the pragmatic ROI of increased wellbeing in the workplace before breaking into groups to create ideas for their own happier organization. Click here to see an example of our “Gratitude Mirror” exercise as demonstrated by our Founder, John C. Havens during a global Cisco meeting in Milan (begins at 9:30).


The H(app)athon Project was inspired by the Founder’s Mashable article, The Value of a Happiness Economy that compares the trends of Quantified Self, Big Data, and Happiness Indicators and suggests the potential solution of a global hackathon for happiness to create a new view of value beyond the GDP. The first presentation about our work on Slideshare has received over 20,000 views since it was posted in September of 2013. We have now done more than a dozen H(app)athon Workshops teaching people about these issues and helping them to imagine how a new world could look in cities around the world including New York, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, San Diego, San Francisco, London, Oslo, Bogota, Tokyo, Lisbon, and in the countries of Bhutan and Dubai.

The H(app)athon Project Advisory Committee guiding the overall Project includes over a dozen representatives from organizations including The United Nations, World Economic Forum,, Microsoft, The Happiness Initiative, UPENN, and multiple emerging media experts in the fields of quantified self, data science, and mobile technology.

The Happiness Economy:

We feel the Happiness Economy already exists. Happiness Indicators like Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness, the OECD’s Better Life Index, and the UK’s Happy Planet Index are already helping the world define well-being beyond wealth. Thought leaders in economics, public policy, development, well-being, positive psychology, the physiological study of happiness, and more are also already building the Happiness Economy. We applaud and hope to honor their efforts with our work.